The Shed

Originally a ‘cart barn’, derelict by the time we found it, it soon became known by all and sundry as ‘The Shed’.

The structure was stripped down, underpinned on one corner, and rebuilt to match the original timber construction on a brick plinth - retaining the large access doors to the rear of the building where the carts entered, although they were remade and fixed shut as part of the structure. A small extension to form a living room replaced a ‘falling down’ existing addition to the building; the roof also being completely rebuilt and retiled with hand-made clays, using the originals where possible.

Double glazed timber windows were made to match the originals in size and configuration. The interior was just high enough to install an upper floor, which now forms the upstairs bedroom with skilling ceiling, and a bathroom. The floor has been continued over the new sitting room to form a gallery.

Downstairs now comprises the main bedroom and shower room; kitchen and sitting room.